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March 20, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Despite the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on public health and the economy, the slow down of transportation and industrial production has had measurable environmental benefits

–Donald Trump is now routinely calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus”

–Caller might be from Colombia but also might be trolling

–Caller worries Americans will get violent if the government bails out large corporations but not working people

–Caller is a very sad Bernie Sanders supporter

–Caller discusses the trucking industry in the coronavirus era

–Caller worries social distancing will lead to more loneliness and depression

–Caller recaps why Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic primary

–Caller emotionally discusses the reality of the coronavirus pandemic

–Audience Question: Can the US government forcibly quarantine people?

–Audience Question: Will Trump declare martial law and suspend the 2020 election over coronavirus?

–Audience Question: Can Donald Trump be removed from office over coronavirus?

–On the Bonus Show: California and New York residents told to stay home, Senators sold stock ahead of crisis, and much more…

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