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March 20, 2018

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–On the Show:

–The first part of our interview with “exorcist” Rachel Stavis, including how she came to know about her powers of exorcism, how an “exorcism” works, and more

–A major UK Channel 4 investigation exposes that Trump campaign consultants Cambridge Analytica admitted to hiring prostitutes, using blackmail, fake news, and bribes in their work with political candidates around the world

–Facebook is caught massively misusing user data in connection with the 2016 US election, in relation to Trump campaign consultant Cambridge Analytica

–After Russian President Vladimir Putin “won re-election” with a record high 77% of the vote, dozens of videos showing ballot stuffing have surfaced

–Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears to have been caught lying under oath again, an act often known as perjury, but one that is unlikely to lead to repercussions for Trump’s AG

–In the midst of countless sex scandals, the Trump administration is pushing for “abstinence-only sex education,” a glaring hypocrisy

–Voicemail caller wants to know whether David supports communism

–On the Bonus Show: MS Gov signs bill banning abortion post-15 weeks, 9-year-old shoots sister over video game controller, self-driving Uber car kills pedestrian, more…

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