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March 2, 2021

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–Michael Moss, New York Times bestselling author, joins David to discuss his latest book, “Hooked: Food, Free Will, and How the Food Giants Exploit Our Addictions.” Get the book:

–COVID cases are down 73% from their peak, deaths are down 42%, and nearly 7 million vaccinations were done in three days

–Cancel culture is the latest ruse from the right to attack the left and try to regain a foothold in American politics

–Right wing media and politicians are now focusing on so-called “cancel culture” at any opportunity, including on Fox News, among members of Congress, and even Donald Trump himself

–Fox News gleefully repeats Donald Trump’s recent CPAC lies about the 2020 election, signaling their path forward over the next two years

–Donald Trump is confronted about the January 6 riots by Fox News host Steve Hilton during a post-CPAC interview on Fox News

–Voicemail caller asks why the left appears to have disdain for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

–On the Bonus Show: Warren & Bernie propose 3% wealth tax, SCOTUS faces voting rights landmark, former French President Sarkozy guilty of corruption, much more…

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