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March 2, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Pete Buttigieg ends his 2020 Democratic presidential campaign in what appears to be an obvious plan to help Joe Biden

–Joe Biden easily wins the 2020 South Carolina Democratic presidential primary, overperforming the polls, followed quickly by Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer ending their campaigns, and we review the panorama entering Super Tuesday

–Donald Trump appears barely conscious in his latest gong show press conference at the White House

–Donald Trump claims to be “ordering elements of medical” during his latest helicopter noise-riddled press conference

–A father and daughter cleared of quarantine are interviewed on Fox News, and then man can’t stop coughing and sweating during the interview, as well as sharing a water bottle with his daughter

–Donald Trump calls the first death related to COVID-19 a “wonderful woman,” despite the reality that the victim was a man named Dr. Jeff Duchin

–Donald Trump, Jr. wildly and irresponsibly claims that Democrats wants millions of Americans to die

–Israeli research facility MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute claims to have a vaccine that could be modified to inoculate humans from COVID-19 within 90 days

–CNN equates Bernie Sanders to a virus pandemic in the latest bizarre attack on Bernie Sanders from corporate legacy media

–Chris Matthews gets black men confused on live MSNBC television, confusing Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott with Democrat Jaime Harrison, who is running against Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham

–Voicemail caller asks whether Donald Trump is really beating every Democratic hugely in 2020 hypothetical matchup polls

–On the Bonus Show: New Yorkers face first day of plastic bag ban, new image of Earth’s new mini-moon, women charged in Boston for attacking Spanish speakers, much more…

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