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March 19, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Drawing an important distinction between “vote blue no matter who” and “vote Biden over Trump”

–Multiple virus treatments are working well in small trials, including Japanese anti-viral Avigan and a combination of anti-malaria drug chloroquine with the antiobiotic azithromycin

–Notable discussions from the TDPS Reddit, including about social distancing and new “data male” t-shirts

–It has become very clear that the US and world are incredibly unprepared for a bigger disaster than the one we’re currently facing

–A new study suggests that a specific combination of temperature and humidity is what most enables the virus to establish itself and spread widely

–Fox News host Dana Perino visibly glitches when told by Juan Williams that the cash payments that she and many other conservatives now support are very similar to the policies that Andrew Yang proposed and was laughed at over

–Morally depraved spring breakers in Florida simply won’t stop partying or going to the beaches, which isn’t going to help stop the infection

–It was only a matter of time before “the Jews” were blamed for the virus, and that’s now happening

–Viewers wonder why we haven’t heard from the Eggman lately

–On the Bonus Show: Obama tried preparing Trump for this in 2017, prisoners released over virus threat, Idaho won’t address virus but passes anti-trans bills, much more…

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