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March 18, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump and his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn have both called for violence in the last week, but the corporate media is not paying it any attention

–Republican Missouri State Senator Elaine Gannon asks 14-year old transgender girl Avery Jackson about her genitals

–Caller asks what the most likely outcome of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is

–Caller wonders if performers and actors make successful politicians

–Caller questions how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will affect NATO and the European Union

–Caller wonders why only some conflicts get international attention

–Caller makes the point that free public schools don’t make kids “socialist” so free school lunches won’t either

–Caller discusses Occam’s Razor

–Caller wonders how the Russian invasion of Ukraine will impact apologists of Vladimir Putin

–Caller discusses his experience living in Ukraine

–Caller wants to know how to deal with Trump-supporting family members

–David responds to some of the latest viewer emails and social media messages

–On the Bonus Show: David and Pat discuss the plan for next week’s programs

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