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March 18, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Katherine Stewart, author of “The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism,” joins David to discuss religious nationalism, the so-called culture war, and much more. Get it here:

–Joe Biden easily defeats Bernie Sanders by large margins in three more 2020 Democratic presidential primaries in Arizona, Illinois, and Florida, giving him a prohibitive delegate lead, and Bernie Sanders has announced that he will be “assessing” his  campaign after these losses, a signal that he will be suspending his campaign soon

–The US increasingly shuts down over coronavirus as the deadline for paying taxes owed is extended by 90 days for individuals and businesses by the IRS with possible cash payments coming

–This week’s episode of Hatriot Mail

–The latest on coronavirus vaccines, treatments, and cures under development, including vaccine trial, antiviral tests of Remdesivir and Avigan, clinical trials of cloroquine and other developments

–Donald Trump brazenly lies, claiming no one was thinking about the virus a month ago

–A Trump official reportedly referred to the virus as the “Kung Flu” to Asian CBS reporter Weijia Jiang, while Donald Trump is regularly calling it the “Chinese virus”

–Alex Jones is told to cease and desist for his promotion and sale of a toothpaste that he claims cures the virus

–Voicemail caller demands that David recognize the “old folks” that watch and listen to The David Pakman Show

–On the Bonus Show: Virus patient refused quarantine, Planet Fitness offering at-home workouts, hand sanitizer price gougers are sorry, much more…

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