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March 17, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Lee McIntyre, Research Fellow at the Center for Philosophy and History of Science of Boston University, and author of the book Post-Truth, joins David to discuss the escalation of a post-truth world in which actual empirical realities matter less and less. Get the book:

–Democratic primaries are today in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois, while Ohio has postponed their primary, and we look at the latest polls between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders

–With a historic 12.93% decline in the stock market yesterday, the entire gains of the Donald Trump presidency have been wiped out, and things will likely continue to suffer for some time to come

–Donald Trump finally admits that coronavirus is not under control during a recent press conference announcing new guidelines for avoiding groups, bars, restaurants, schools, and more

–Fox N Friends suggests this is a great time to fly on airplanes during the pandemic, continuing to give their own older audience advice that might kill them

–Donald Trump’s bizarre statements about his own virus test raise questions about whether he was really tested

–Christian televangelist Kenneth Copeland claims to heal viewers of coronavirus remotely, through the television

–Voicemail caller is disappointed with yesterday’s show despite not having listened to it, and another caller wonders why so many men call The David Pakman Show

–On the Bonus Show:  World markets plummet, people buying guns and ammo over virus concerns, Mitt Romney’s universal basic income idea, much more…

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