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March 16, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Bill Scher, Contributing Editor to Politico Magazine and contributor to Real Clear Politics, joins David to discuss the Joe Biden presidency so far, including the COVID stimulus package, the situation at the US-Mexico border, COVID handling, vaccination, foreign policy, and more

–COVID cases are now down 76% from their peak, with deaths down 63% and vaccinations reaching almost 2.5 million per day

–A new report says the Joe Biden administration is planning to move onto tax reform as its next major legislative priority

–Republicans are now trying to take credit for the $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus bill that they all voted against

–Former Trump adviser Steven Bannon claims that COVID vaccines are not really vaccines, an already widely-debunked anti-vaccine talking point

–Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson apparently hasn’t heard of Google, and repeatedly claims that basic empirical questions about COVID vaccines “cannot be asked”

–Fox News experiences a 24-hour period of absolutely rancid propaganda

–Voicemail calls weigh in on the new David Pakman Show podcast music

–On the Bonus Show: Coca-Cola & Home Depot oppose Georgia push to restrict voting, the future of “vaccine passports,” judge authorizes power shutoff to California restaurant, much more…

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