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March 16, 2020

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–On the Show:

–The entire Unite States is increasingly shutting down over coronavirus, with multiple states including Massachusetts, Ohio, California and others closing down bars and restaurants, sometimes with delivery and take-out exceptions

–In a new low, Donald Trump attempted to pay a German pharmaceutical company $1 billion to give a future coronavirus vaccine exclusively to the US, something that was immediately rejected and now the cause of understandable outrage

–Idiots and bad people, as well as people who meet both criteria, are actively destroying us and causing unnecessary coronavirus contagion and death, including Devin Nunes, people going to St Patrick’s Day parades, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, and many more

–The latest on coronavirus vaccines, cures and treatments, looking at vaccines under development, antivirals being tested including Remdesivir and Avigan, as well as antibody development

–Donald Trump considers actual journalism that seeks to hold him accountable “nasty,” the word Trump used to refer to a question about the pandemic response team from Yamiche Alcindor during last week’s declaration of national emergency for coronavirus

–Donald Trump simply cannot stop lying about coronavirus every step of the way

–Even Fox News host Martha MacCallum knew that Trump robot Dr. Seema Verma was lying uncontrollably during a Fox News interview

–Fox N Friends allow lunatic Christian pastor Jerry Falwell, Jr. to imply that coronavirus might be a bioweapon created by North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un to attack the United States

–Voicemail caller asks whether Donald Trump would be able to postpone the 2020 election over coronavirus

–On the Bonus Show: Multiple primaries postponed over coronavirus, Trump waiving student loan interest over coronavirus, Trump considering full pardon of Michael Flynn, much more…

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