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March 13, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Dr. Anthony Fauci is asked during an interview about the calls to prosecute him, and he has no idea what he would be prosecuted for

— Gun-toting neo-Nazis protest drag queens at a public park in Ohio

— Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin holds a town hall event on CNN that goes really poorly

— Florida Governors are required to resign to run for President, a law that may be changed to allow Ron DeSantis to run for President while being Governor

— Fox News is helping Ron DeSantis promote the false idea of Florida as a “miracle”

— Failed former President Donald Trump’s unhealthy obsession with Ron DeSantis is getting worse, with Trump now posting daily about DeSantis

— Donald Trump absolutely melts down over the Stormy Daniels affair and the apparently impending indictments against him

— Fox News host Mark Levin delivers a bizarre rant talking about how great Fox is amidst the worst scandal to hit Fox News in decades

— Radical Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert seems to forget that Donald Trump was President in 2020 during a recent exchange with the Director of the US Office of Personnel Management Kiran Ahuja

— Voicemail caller asks about David being in a popular Netflix documentary about flight MH370

— On the Bonus Show: Tucker Carlson’s ex-producer worried about their “dumb viewers,” poll suggests Ron DeSantis’ anti-work crusade may backfire, the movement against permanent Daylight Savings Time, much more…

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