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March 10, 2020

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–Eitan Hersh, Associate Professor of Political Science at Tufts University and author of the book “Politics is for Power,” joins David to discuss political partisanship, activism, social media, political engagement, race-related issues, and much more. Get the book:

–Bernie Sanders is down to his last shot to re-enter serious competition for the Democratic presidential nomination with tonight’s primaries in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Washington, and North Dakota, and it doesn’t look good

–The stock market absolutely implodes with its worst day in 12 years on a percentage basis and its worst day in history on a point basis

–Donald Trump melts down, believing that a journalist will try to infect him on Air Force One

–All US bonds fall below a 1% yield for the first time in history as the economy may indeed be at the start of a major recession

–Donald Trump melts down on Twitter as the stock market collapses, tweeting endless nonsense

–Fox Host Martha MacCallum is brutally and hilariously booed at a Fox News Bernie Sanders town hall

–Anti-Semitic Imam Al-Hassan Qazwini introduces Bernie Sanders at a rally in Dearborn, Michigan, a prototypical example of the toxic people around Bernie that we’ve been criticizing for years

–Voicemail callers argue about whether Bernie Sanders has a shot at the Democratic presidential nomination

–On the Bonus Show: Trump wants tax cuts for the virus, major yoga in gym class debate hits Alabama, Montana Governor Steve Bullock is running for Senate, much more…

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