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March 1, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Disgusting Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is caught spreading literal Chinese propaganda during a Congressional hearing

— Right-wing propaganda host Michael Knowles now wants to “ban” transgenderism

— Fascism expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat sounds the alarm about Ron DeSantis, warning that he will destroy American democracy

— Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis responds to Donald Trump’s attacks again him during a recent appearance with Fox News’ Jesser Watters

— Supporters of Donald Trump are kicked out of a Ron DeSantis event

— Failed former President Donald Trump panics and lies uncontrollably about Ron DeSantis during an absurd interview with Sebastian Gorka

— Failed former President Donald Trump is melting down because Fox News is spreading pro-Ron DeSantis propaganda

— Bill Maher is asked to define woke and he can do no better than uttering a word salad containing many lies

— Candace Owens wants to “breed” for math skills like the South Koreans do

— Voicemail caller confronts David for what he claims is David “backpedaling” on the COVID vaccine

— On the Bonus Show: Supreme Court hears student loan case, Iowa proposes same-sex marriage ban, post office buys electric vans and charging stations, and much more…

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