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Bannon told to go to prison, Trump makes major mistake

June 7, 2024

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— On the Show:

— A judge says it’s finally time for Steve Bannon to report to prison, and directs him to do so on July 1

— MAGA voters drop like flies as failed former President and convicted felon Donald Trump holds a rally in 108 degree Phoenix, Arizona

— A new poll finds that 49% of the country believes Donald Trump should drop out of the presidential race on the basis of his criminal conviction

— On the basis of being a convicted felon, Donald Trump faces a travel ban in 37 countries

— Former FBI Director James Comey explains the logistics of how a former president could be “locked up” in a regular prison

— One in three Republicans now say that Donald Trump is the wrong candidate to be their nominee in 2024

— Russell Brand finalizes his total conversion to Trump flunky, telling his followers that if one supports democracy, they should vote Trump in November

— Reader mail and more in Friday Feedback

— On the Bonus Show: Biden says he won’t pardon Hunter, Republicans still targeting mail in ballots, congressional stock trading law has unintended consequence, and much more…

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