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June 6, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Dylan Burns, streamer and aspiring war journalist with a current emphasis on Ukraine, joins David just back from Ukraine to discuss the situation there with Vladimir Putin’s invasion, Dylan’s time with a de-mining crew, and much more

— A deep look at the American economy in June of 2023 reveals the sky is not falling, despite right-wing claims that the economy is a disaster

— Former Vice President and current 2024 Republican presidential candidate Mike Pence gives a bizarre speech that no one understood, nor cared about

— Another Donald Trump arrest appears imminent as Trump’s lawyers meet with the Justice Department, reportedly to beg them not to indict Trump

— Donald Trump, apparently told that he’s getting arrested again, melts down on Truth Social

— Fox News host Jesse Watters proposes the unhinged conspiracy theory that Joe Biden was installed as President by the FBI

— 2024 Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley says that teen suicide is caused by trans kids in locker rooms

— The anti-woke movement continues to struggle as new polling reveals that support for gay marriage is at its highest in history

— Voicemail caller The Eggman suffers an antisemitic incident while shopping for a used car

— On the Bonus Show: Cornel West is running for President in 2024, YouTube changes policy on election misinformation, FBI spy Robert Hanssen found dead in prison cell, much more…

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