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June 6, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Assault rifle says predictably skyrocket in the aftermath of recent mass shootings

–Radical Republican Congressman Steve Scalise blames “defund the police” for gun violence in the United States

–Former Vice President Mike Pence’s Secret Service team was warned that Donald Trump’s rhetoric on January 6 might endanger Pence

–Mehmet Oz wins his Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary and he will face Democratic nominee John Fetterman after Oz’s opponent, Dave McCormick, concedes

–Former Donald Trump adviser Peter Navarro is arrested, handcuffed, booked and indicted for his contempt of Congress related to the January 6 Trump riot committee, and Donald Trump absolutely loses it

–Former Attorney General Eric Holder believes that Donald Trump and his top staffers will ultimately be criminally indicted

–The forthcoming January 6 committee primetime hearings will reportedly contain explosive video of testimony from Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

–Radical Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis again leads Donald Trump in a 2024 Republican straw poll for the Republican presidential nomination

–OAN host Ailson Steinberg rants about “globalists” tracking her through her Nest thermostat

–New York Republican Congressman Chris Jacobs, who recently expressed openness to gun control regulations, has been abandoned by the Republican Party and will not run for re-election

–Voicemail caller dispels that notion that cannabis leads to mass shootings

–On the Bonus Show: Trump wants propaganda kids book taught in schools, Supreme Court lets states use illegally gerrymandered Republican maps in 2022 midterms, Herschel Walker makes weakest criticism of Trump, and much more…

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