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June 29, 2016

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–Evan Fraser, Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security and a Professor of Geography at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, joins David to discuss food security

–Three attackers detonated bombs and opened fire at the Istanbul airport killing at least 41 and wounding many more; one recent estimate counts the wounded at 147

–Katrina Pierson, Donald Trump’s notorious spokeswoman, implodes on CNN while failing to answer any specific questions about Trump’s immigrant ban proposal

–Hatriot Mail

–Top Senate Republican, Senate majority leader Mitch Mcconnell, is refusing to say that Donald Trump, his party’s presumptive nominee, is qualified to be President

— Iowa State Senator David Johnson and conservative writer George Will have left the Republican party over Donald Trump; other prominent Republicans are refusing to go to the convention

–Supporters of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump are more likely to describe African Americans as “criminal,” “unintelligent,” “lazy” and “violent” compared to voters who backed Republican rivals in the primaries or who support Democratic contender Hillary Clinton

–Fox pundits mock Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren for wearing the same color at a rally

–Voicemail on America’s left compared to the rest of the world

–On the Bonus Show: Buenos Aires to shut down its zoo, an unethical NYU PTSD drug study,basic income, more…

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