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June 28, 2016

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–Thomas Coyne, President and Chief Instructor at Survival Training School of California, joins David to discuss the basic survival skills that everyone should have

–Multiple new presidential polls have Hillary Clinton up ten points or more nationally against Donald Trump

–The Supreme Court struck down a Texas abortion law; a destructive law that we’ve been covering for a long time

–Instagram: David interviewed on Telemundo, and a honey container with a Dave lookalike

–Multiple stabbings and other attacks occurred at a neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento, California

–Donald Trump eases up on his Muslim ban and tells CNN’s Jeremy Diamond he only wanted to focus on “people coming from the terror states”

–CNN hires Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager; a man who seems to be legally forbidden from being objective

–The New York Times‘ Jeremy Peters reported Monday morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that there was a “high probability” that Republican delegates will try to stage an anti-Donald Trump coup at the Republican National Convention

–Voicemail on gun deaths and the CDC

–On the Bonus Show: Huckabee pays Survivor $25k, Red Cross creates racist pool safety poster, WV flooding, more…

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