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Stiff win for Lauren Boebert, Trump's debate prep is really weird

June 26, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Psychologist Dr. John Gartner, founder of Duty to Warn and co-host of Shrinking Trump, joins David to discuss how much, if anything, can be gleaned about Donald Trump or Joe Biden’s cognitive states from watching the forthcoming 90 minute presidential debate

— A review of primary results from last night, including Lauren Boebert’s win, a number of Trump/MAGA losses, and the first loss by “The Squad” with Jamaal Bowman losing his primary to George Latimer

— Donald Trump’s primary endorsements lose badly, including Mark Burns, Dave Williams, and Trent Staggs

— A deranged Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity says that President Joe Biden is “experimenting with the right dose” of substances in advance of tomorrow night’s presidential debate against Donald Trump

— Donald Trump is interviewed on Newsmax by Corey Lewandowski about his debate prep and other topics, and none of his answers make any sense

— Republican Congressman Eric Burlison suggests that President Joe Biden might be using the soft drink Mountain Dew as a performance-enhancing drug for the presidential debate with Donald Trump

— Notes from Donald Trump’s former attorney Evan Corcoran reveal that, contrary to what Trump said publicly, he feared that he knew his possession of classified documents might be criminal

— The All-In podcast interviews Donald Trump and it goes so poorly, Trump’s suggestion about permanent residency for college graduates stuns his own supporters

— On the Bonus Show: President Joe Biden will pardon US servicemembers previously convicted for being gay, US Surgeon General declares gun violence a public health emergency, conservative lawmakers pushing to end no-fault divorce, much more…

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