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June 24, 2016

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–Classic Interview: Floyd Brown, President of the National Campaign Fund and Chairman of the Western Center for Journalism, joins us to discuss his editorial where he says the media is ignoring the Republican primary, as well as many of the ideas he says are great coming from it, including Rick Perry’s flat tax proposal, and more

–Germany’s coalition government agreed to ban fracking for shale gas indefinitely this week

–Jews and LGBT individuals in the USA are most likely to be victims of hate crimes; this has been the case for more than a decade

–Caller: Since Rubio Is Running, Should Alan Grayson Bail Out?

–Caller: Membership Is Great! So Is John Oliver!

–Caller: Game of Thrones & Warcraft Movie

–Caller: Do Twitter Wars Achieve Anything?

–Caller: Catholic & Addiction Recovery Correspondent

–Caller: Gun Laws Aren’t Likely to Change

–Audience Question: What are your favorite beverages?

–Audience Question: Is ADD/ADHD over-diagnosed? Are people convincing themselves that they need amphetamines?

–Audience Question: What’s the best way to contact the show? Does everybody hear back from you?

–On the Bonus Show: Starbucks sued for under-filling drinks, the Michael Jackson plot thickens, Ultra-specific YouTube channels, more…

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