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June 23, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Luke Beasley, host of The Luke Beasley Show and TDPS correspondent, fills in for David

— Georgie election official Ruby Freeman is cleared of false election fraud claims made by Donald Trump and his allies

— The hearings put together by House Republicans keep backfiring on them tremendously

— Ron DeSantis struggles to answer whether he’d support Trump if Trump goes on to win the Republican nomination

— Donald Trump lashes out at Republican candidates saying “sometimes you have to punch down”

— Barack Obama talks about the impact of Donald Trump getting federally charged

— Congressman Adam Schiff responds to getting censured by House Republicans

— House Speaker Kevin McCarthy bogusly compares the prosection of Donald Trump to Hunter Biden’s plea deal

— Trump has been talking about indicting Democrats if he wins the election in 2024

— On the Bonus Show: Kari Lake sued for defamation, and much more…

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