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June 19, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Max Burns, Democratic strategist and Founder of Third Degree Strategies, joins David to discuss his article which argues that we have reached a “tipping point” on guns and gun violence

— Disney sues Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for his politically motivated crusade to destroy them

— Fired Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson breaks his silence in a cringeworthy video filmed with Carlson dressed as if he still has a job

— E. Jean Carroll, accuser of Donald Trump, holds back tears under oath while testifying that Trump raped her during the ongoing trial

— Radical Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene believes that Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News violates the First Amendment, which would make it illegal

— Failed former President Donald Trump publishes a completely unhinged conspiratorial campaign ad which attacks Dylan Mulvaney and raises multiple conspiracy theories

— Donald Trump gives a completely outrageous speech to a sycophant Florida crowd

— Voicemail caller is worried about David on the basis of his strange “cowlick” during yesterday’s show

— On the Bonus Show: Steven Crowder Candace Owens feud explodes, transgender lawmaker censured by Montana House Republicans, founder of We Build the Wall group sentenced to 4 years in prison, much more…

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