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Biden "wandering" video backfires, Trump dementia goes mainstream

June 17, 2024

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— On the Show:

— A major reversal takes place in 538’s 2024 presidential election forecast

— Viral video of President Joe Biden “wandering off” has been debunked, and we explore the anatomy of disinformation

— Anti-abortion Colorado Republican Richard Holtorf is confronted about his own girlfriend’s abortion by Kyle Clark, and it does not go well

— Donald Trump’s cognitive decline has suddenly gone completely mainstream with numerous corporate media stories about it

— A group of Trump-friendly CEO’s was reportedly stunned by the degree to which Donald Trump was making no sense during a recent meeting

— Failed former President Donald Trump’s brain fails, forgetting his own doctor’s name while demanding a cognitive test for President Joe Biden

— Donald Trump fills a so-called “black church” in Detroit, Michigan with mostly white people and calls it a success

— Logan Paul interviews Donald Trump, and Trump is unable to answer even the most basic questions

— Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez laughs when asked about the supposed “two-tiered justice system” after the conviction of Hunter Biden

— On the Bonus Show: President Biden raises $30 million at glitzy fundraiser, House passes bill to automatically register young men for draft, fast food industry claims California minimum wage law is costing jobs (with made-up numbers), much more…

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