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More Trump crimes, Biden won't pardon Hunter

June 14, 2024

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— On the Show:

— President Joe Biden reiterates that he respects the jury’s decision in his son Hunter Biden’s conviction, and will neither pardon him nor commute any potential prison sentence

— A confused Donald Trump meets with sycophant Republicans on Capitol Hill and subsequently ends his “press conference” after five minutes without taking a single question from reporters

— Failed former President Donald Trump admits that he has a firearm in Florida, which is illegal given that he is now a convicted felon

— A confused Trump demands that Bitcoin be “made in the USA,” which makes no sense

— Republican Congressman Tom Tiffany is brutally fact-checked by CNN’s Boris Sanchez about his Biden family conspiracies, but he simply repeats the lies

— Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones floats a disgusting fantasy about Dr. Anthony Fauci

— Republican Senate candidate Eric Hovde is caught using his own senior employees as “average voters” in a very dumb campaign ad

— According to Republican Senator JD Vance, Donald Trump’s VP vetting process hilariously includes asking whether candidates have committed crimes

— Viewers realize that David’s appearance on Piers Morgan’s show was indeed edited, and David was not told they would do this

— The Friday Feedback segment

— On the Bonus Show: SCOTUS rulings, Greg Gutfeld makes dumb point about 2024 election, and much more…

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