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June 13, 2023

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— Reece Peck, Associate Professor at the City University of New York and author of the book “Fox Populism: Branding Conservatism as Working Class,” joins David to discuss the right wing’s dominance of messaging, media, rhetoric, and more. Get the book:

— Inflation drops to its lowest level in two years, bottoming out at 4% over the last 12 months, but Republicans are still complaining

— Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom appears on Fox News’ Hannity program and absolutely destroys Hannity’s flaccid right wing talking points

— 2024 Republican candidate and former Governor Chris Christie brutally crushes Trump and MAGA in a CNN town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper

— Failed former President Donald Trump is struggling to find lawyers just hours before his arrest today in Miami, Florida

— Republican Kevin McCarthy defends Donald Trump’s storage of classified documents in his bathroom

— MAGA-world melts down over Donald Trump’s arrest in Miami, Florida today, even going as far as to threaten violence

— Donald Trump’s own former Chief-of-Staff Mick Mulvaney predicts prison time for Trump

— Voicemail caller asks about raising children bilingual, and David explains his approach as a father

— On the Bonus Show: Student loan payments will be due starting in October, Illinois law bans the banning of books, “dead’ woman found breathing at own funeral, much more…

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