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MAGA mad about good jobs report, Trump turns on his voters at sick rally

June 10, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Fox News hosts are devastated by the strong jobs report under the Biden administration, but they shouldn’t be surprised by it

— A desperate Donald Trump and his friends fall for an obvious, quickly debunked hoax about someone claiming know the Trump verdict in advance

— Failed former President Donald Trump turns on his own supporters at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada that was so hot, ambulances were taking dozens of attendees to the hospital

— Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s brain fails during the Las Vegas Trump rally on the topic of gas and electric vehicles

— Bloodthirsty Trumpists demand the imprisonment of President Joe Biden during interviews at Donald Trump’s rally in Las Vegas, Nevada

— Dr. Phil McGraw does maybe the most disgusting, suck-up, brown-nosing interview of Donald Trump that we’ve ever seen

— David appears on the Piers Morgan program alongside Benny Johnson, Alan Dershowitz, and Nomiki Konst, and it quickly goes off the rails

— David attends a drag show and quickly learns right wingers have been lying about drag shows

— David’s interview with MAGA candidate Royce White leads to an influx of new Members

— On the Bonus Show: Texas asks people to avoid using their cars, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones agrees to liquidate assets to pay Sandy Hook families, SCOTUS decision on Trump’s immunity is imminent, much more…

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