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June 1, 2022

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–On the Show:

–The timeline being presented by the Uvalde, Texas police about the recent mass school shooting continues to change, raising major red flags

–The real mental health issue is the Republican Party

–Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott blames mental health for mass shootings despite having recently de-funded mental health treatment in Texas

–The Good Liars brutally fact check an NRA convention attendee in an interaction that goes downhill fast

–Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz says that if there were no guns, there would be more murders

–Donald Trump flips out when a jury acquits Hillary Clinton’s lawyer

–Fox News host Laura Ingraham attempts to blame cannabis for mass shootings

–Donald Trump turns on his own former adviser Kellyanne Conway

–Delightful voicemail caller from Texas corrects David’s pronunciation of Uvalde

–On the Bonus Show: Uvalde police and school district stop cooperating with shooting investigation, Supreme Court blocks Texas social media law, some Democrats voting in Republican primaries to stop Trump’s endorsees, much more…

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