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June 28, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Ron DeSantis doesn’t answer a question about Donald Trump and the January 6 riots by saying that since he wasn’t in DC that day, he doesn’t know what happened

— Donald Trump glitches badly when confronted by a reporter in New Hampshire about the leaked recording in which he admits to crimes

— Donald Trump gives a speech in New Hampshire that goes terribly

— Donald Trump now claims that he wasn’t actually showing anyone documents when he refers to showing people documents in the leaked audio recording

— Alina Habba, one of Donald Trump’s supposed lawyers, is unable to coherently answer a simple question about the leaked documents recording

— 2024 Republican presidential candidate and Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez has no idea what Uyghurs are when asked during an interview with Hugh Hewitt

— A former prosecutor says that the newly leaked audio recordings of Donald Trump are “game over” for his legal defense

— Howard Stern gives David Pakman a strong endorsement, revealing that he watches most of David’s content, but says he will not buy a Membership

— Donald Trump implodes in an all-caps rant on Truth Social as the legal walls close in around him

— Voicemail caller suggests that maybe David is the one who doesn’t know the right procedures and etiquette for flying on an airplane

— On the Bonus Show: SCOTUS puts First Amendment limits on laws banning online threats, Delaware city will give corporations the right to vote, Republican challenges union boss to MMA fight, much more…

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