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June 27, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Joe Berkowitz, a writer whose work has been featured in Vulture, The New Yorker, and Fast Company, joins David to discuss his Daily Beast article, “When Did the ‘F*ck Your Feelings’ Crowd Get So Triggered?”

— Donald Trump’s third, and possibly fourth arrests may be imminently forthcoming, one federal and the other at the state level in Georgia

— CNN obtains audio of Donald Trump talking about knowingly classified documents after his presidency, and the audio is incredibly damning

— Robert F Kennedy Jr is hosting a “health policy” event with absolute lunatics, including Sherri Tenpenny, the disgusting anti-vaxxer who has been discussed on the show previously

— Robert F Kennedy Jr explains his view on vaccines to Bill Maher, and it’s arguably even worse than previously thought

— Donald Trump is now scared to debate his Republican challengers and launches an attack on Fox News to lay the groundwork to get out of it

— Donald Trump praises Robert F Kennedy Jr during a ridiculous interview with Newsmax

— Ron DeSantis is performing notably better than Donald Trump in polling matchups against Joe Biden in key swing states

— The Eggman calls in to say that he would rather hang out with homeless San Franciscans than with David

— On the Bonus Show: US Coast Guard investigating submarine implosion, Japan’s plan to boost birthrate raises doubt, Supreme Court may preemptively ban federal wealth tax, much more…

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