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UK & France say NO to right wing, Trump MISSING as Biden does 18 events

July 8, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Left wing parties overperform in the UK and France, defying expectations that right wing parties would surge, which is terrifying to Donald Trump’s prospects in November

— Donald Trump’s lead over Joe Biden in national polling is up 120% since the presidential debate, but may still be within the margin of error

— Despite the focus on President Biden’s frailty and lack of energy, Biden has done nearly 20 public events since the debate, while Trump has done close to zero, and is missing, along with his believed-to-be wife Melania Trump

— 90% of the commentary about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is rooted in personal grievance and hysteria

— President Joe Biden announces that he has already ruled out exiting the 2024 presidential race

— As awareness spreads about the horrors of Project 2025, Donald Trump wildly lies that he knows nothing about it

— CNN guest Allan Lichtman tells CNN hosts that they are complicit in helping Donald Trump defeat Joe Biden in November

— After he presented an honest and humble reaction to the presidential debate, everyone is finding something to be made at David about

— Voicemail caller claims David is being paid by the White House

— On the Bonus Show: Radio host who interviewed Biden loses job after admitting campaign provided the questions, RFK Jr says he won’t “take sides” on 9/11, Greece launches 6-day work week, much more…

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