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July 30, 2014

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Today on The David Pakman Show / July 30, 2014

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On the Show:

–Aubrey De Grey, biomedical gerontologist and Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation, joins David to explain why he is annoyed with a recent Guardian article about his research on solving the problem of aging

–A Republican lawsuit against Obama backfires and helps Democrats raise millions of dollars

–John Boehner rules out impeachment and claims that talk of impeachment was a “scam started by Democrats”

–At an anti-immigration rally in Massachusetts, Boston radio host Jeffrey Kuhner warns us that Hispanic children will turn Massachusetts into Mexichusetts

–There were far more undocumented immigrants entering the U.S. under Ronald Reagan

–Hatriot Mail

–Bill O’Reilly says that in ghetto neighborhoods it’s part of the culture for children to smoke pot

–Pat Robertson thinks that gays “demand sex” and threaten Christian business

–Addressing low income poverty can help businesses

–Reaganbook: the “Facebook for patriots”

–Voicemail on the death penalty

–On the Bonus Show: The IRS agrees to monitor sermons, the TSA will pay for your good ideas, the Pope says that 1 in 50 priests are pedophiles, more…

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