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July 3, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Jamie Raskin presents a transcript of the alleged Joe Biden “bribery” “whistleblower” admitting he never spoke to Joe Biden

— Fox News host Sandra Smith asks former Trump staffer Larry Kudlow to explain why the economy is actually terrible under Joe Biden, and Kudlow is unable to do so

— Donald Trump is reportedly facing up to 45 additional charges related to the classified documents fiasco

— Failed Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake wildly claims that she might be Native American in a completely ridiculous interview

— The Supreme Court rules against Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan

— 2024 Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie appears on Fox News to relentlessly pound Donald Trump

— A number of MAGA extremists, including Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, sing the praises of Robert F Kennedy Jr

— 204 Republican presidential candidate and Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis uses the term “woke” 6 times in 19 seconds during a speech to the extremist group Moms for Liberty”

— Ron DeSantis’s latest interview on Fox News goes bad quickly, including DeSantis eating pizza

— Voicemail caller argues that Trump is more dangerous than DeSantis if either were to become President of the United States

— On the Bonus Show: David talks about upcoming interviews and plans for the show, and much more…

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