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July 29, 2016

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–Classic Interview:Wendy Manning family demographer in the Sociology Department at Bowling Green State University and Co-Director of the National Center for Family & Marriage Research, joins David to discuss the significant flaws with Mark Regnerus’ study which claims to show that children raised by same-sex parents do not do as well as children raised by heterosexual couples

–Hillary Clinton accepts the nomination at the Democratic National Convention and delivers surprisingly well-written speech

–Many prominent Republicans take to social media and confess that the Republican National Convention was a joke compared to the Democratic convention, and that it all made Donald Trump look bad

–Caller Convinced by David to Vote Hillary

–How Did We End Up With 2 Highly Disliked Candidates?

–Caller: Louis Should Have His Own Bonus Show Introduction

–Caller: Is It “Argentinean” or “Argentine?”

–Audience Question: How do you differentiate trolls from legitimate “hatriots”?

–Audience Question: What book do you think gets too much credit?

–Audience Question: You and others have criticized the Republican party primary for becoming a reality show. What is actually bad about elections being reality shows?

–On the Bonus Show: Turkey might be torturing coup prisoners, restaurant salads are not healthy, regressive grocery taxes, more…

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