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July 22, 2016

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–Classic Interview: Larry Stone, author of the books Noah: The Real Story, The Story of the Bible (Nelson) and Women of the Bible (Hudson News), joins David to discuss discrepancies between the Hollywood movie Noah and the biblical version of the story

–Donald Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention included plenty of lying and bashing of Hillary Clinton

–A Ted Cruz delegate explains Donald Trump’s representation (or lack thereof) of Christian values

–Caller: Is the Republican Party a Hate Group?

–#NeverHillary Caller Convinced to Vote Hillary by RNC

–Caller: Could Bernie Take Nomination Back at Convention?

–Caller: Are Bush and Obama War Criminals?

–Audience Question: What is considered normal today that future generations will look back at and wonder what the hell we were thinking?

–Audience Question: Are there questions about the show or in general that you hate answering?

–Audience Question: Have you ever experimented with hallucinogenics or psychedelics and if so, will you share any experiences?

–On the Bonus Show: Hospital managers eat hospital food for a week, kid knocks on wrong door; gets killed, slave nanny beaten in MN, more…

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