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July 20, 2016

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–The second day of the Republican National Convention, in addition to officially nominating Donald trump, focused on slamming Hillary Clinton and linking her to the devil

–Point of no return: The Republican Party officially nominated Donald Trump for President

–Antonio Sabato Jr., featured as a prime-time speaker Monday night at the Republican National Convention, said President Barack Obama is “absolutely” a Muslim

–Hatriot Mail

–Steve King, a Congressman from Iowa, appeared on MSNBC and stated that only white people have contributed to civilization

–After Fox News star Megyn Kelly claimed that she was sexually harassed by CEO Roger Ailes, Fox bought out Ailes for $40 million

–Did Convention Protesters Build a “Wall?”

–What We’re Learning About Possible Trump Presidency from RNC

–Twitter has permanently suspended right winger Milo Yiannopoulos

–A mass-stabbing at a camp in southern France ends with no deaths

–Voicemail Indiana being a terrible place

–On the Bonus Show: Pakistan bars forgiveness from an honor killing, Turkish purge widens to education, judge blocks Whatsapp in Brazil, more…

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