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July 18, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Republican Senator Rick Scott appears on Fox News to demand that America get “back to work” despite one of the lowest unemployment rates of the last 50 years

–Secret Service agents reportedly deleted text messages related to the January 6 Trump riots after officials asked for them

–Texas hospitals are refusing to treat serious pregnancy issues for fear of legal liability related to the Texas anti-abortion law

–Fox News host Maria Bartiromo wildly suggests, without evidence, that Joe Biden is being “fed” drugs to keep him functioning and wonders who is “really” in charge at the White House

–California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom comes out swinging in a clear test of the 2024 waters, saying Democrats must be ruthless, ferocious, and must put Republicans on the defensive

–Donald Trump is reportedly telling his team that he must become President in 2024 in order to avoid criminal prosecution

–Legal expert Norm Eisen believes that Donald Trump is heading towards indictment

–Donald Trump completely loses it on Truth Social on Sunday afternoon, posting unintelligible message after message

–Fox News appears to be preparing to dump support of Donald Trump, instead favoring Ron DeSantis as the 2024 Republican presidential nominee

–Voicemail caller the Eggman faced antisemitism and calls for legal help while in prison

–On the Bonus Show: Georgia’s second-largest school district allowing non-officers to carry guns, Africa left behind as wealthy nations push 4th COVID booster shots, BMW offering heated seats on a monthly subscription, much more…

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