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Political world on the brink after Trump Biden debate

July 1, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Absolute chaos takes over the political world after President Biden’s poor debate performance against Donald Trump, but MAGA world’s assumption that the race is over is premature

— President Biden owns up to his terrible debate performance during a speech in Raleigh, North Carolina

— President Biden sets a fundraising record, raising more than $33 million since the debate against Donald Trump

— A shocking new report from Axios claims President Biden is only really functional between 10am and 4pm

— A new poll finds 72% of voters believe President Biden should drop out of the race because he is not fit to run

— Donald Trump’s top suck-ups are confronted by our correspondent Luke Beasley at the debate in Atlanta, Georgia, and it does not go well for them

— Trump’s dementia suspicions go mainstream after President Biden’s terrible debate performance

— Donald Trump speaks to empty chairs while slurring endlessly at a rally in Chesapeake, Virginia

— Audiovisual evidence is presented arguing that Donald Trump soiled himself during the presidential debate against President Joe Biden

— Voicemail caller says that even if President Biden has dementia, he’s still voting for him over Donald Trump

— On the Bonus Show: Democrats fear Biden replacement could backfire, Oklahoma orders schools to teach the Bible in every classroom, far right leads first round of France’s parliamentary elections, much more…

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