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January 4, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Rachel Bernstein, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, educator, author, and host of the podcast IndoctriNation, joins David to discuss how to help cult members, victims of narcissists, former supremacists, conspiracy theorists, and others, which she has done for 30 years in her practice

— Republicans humiliate themselves after failing to elect a Speaker of the House in three consecutive votes

— Failed former President Donald Trump delivers a deranged lie-riddled endorsement of Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House after McCarthy loses three consecutive votes in the House

— Republicans Lauren Boebert and Scott Perry liken radical Republican Congressman Jim Jordan to the first US President George Washington

— Fox News propagandists Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity appear to possibly be abandoning Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker

— Lying Republican Congressman George Santos has quite a first day at the office, sitting alone in the House, running away from reporters, getting stuck in a dead-end hallway, and picking his nose on camera

— The civil war between Republican Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert is getting increasingly heated

— House Republicans are set to spend the next two years investigating Joe and Hunter Biden

— Voicemail caller Total Control, a conspiracy theorist, shows what happens when you fall down the rabbit hole

— On the Bonus Show: House Republicans remove metal detectors after taking control, tobacco companies to be billed for cleaning up cigarette butts in Spain, 3000+ young children accidentally ate cannabis edibles in 2021, much more…

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