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January 31, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Nearly 500 New Jersey bridges have the same rating as the Pittsburgh bridge that recently collapsed

–Well-known and much celebrated anti-vaccine police officer Robert Lemay, who appeared on Fox News and resigned over the Washington vaccine mandate, has died of COVID

–Donald Trump holds his second rally of the 2022 election season, this time in Conroe, Texas, and he threatens more riots while dangling pardons for the January 6 Trump rioters in a dangerous and corrosive rally

–Trump rally attendees in Conroe, Texas are interviewed, and it’s both horrifying and disturbing

–Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is now pushing George Soros Bill Gates COVID conspiracy theories

–Former Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachman praises and commends Sarah Palin for going out to restaurants in New York City while sick with COVID

–Donald Trump admits that he wanted former Vice President Mike Pence to steal the 2020 election for him in a deranged new press release

–Fox News Host Julie Banderas humiliates herself by slamming Joe Biden for not passing an infrastructure bill, which he actually did months ago with bipartisan support

–Voicemail caller is very angry that David stated there are some authoritarian leftists who defend strongman authoritarian regimes

–On the Bonus Show: Biden’s SCOTUS front-runners, Glenn Youngkin’s teacher snitch line getting relentlessly trolled, families missing child tax credit, much more…

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