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January 31, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Despite Donald Trump’s endless claims of victory, ISIS is reasserting itself and once again growing in Iraq and Syria

–It is revealed that some of Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyers have donated to sitting Republican Senators who will be deciding Trump’s guilt or innocence in the impeachment trial, and even Senator Lindsey Graham may have been “in the know” about the project to seek dirt on the Bidens from Ukraine for Trump’s benefit in the 2020 election

–Caller discusses gun control and the 2nd Amendment

–Caller is stuck in China because of the coronavirus

–Caller says that people in middle America think people on the coasts are ignorant

–Caller talks about Trump’s Israel-Palestine deal

–Caller claims a public option is more popular than Medicare for All

–Caller talks about billionaires crying over wealth tax proposals

–Caller asks if David will ever go vegan

–Audience Question: Why won’t Trump release his tax returns?

–Audience Question: Who cares if our country is politically polarized?

–Audience Question: Wouldn’t a $15 minimum wage lead to inflation?

–On the Bonus Show: Iowa Caucus preview, Joe Biden keeps telling people not to vote for him, and much more…

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