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January 31, 2018

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–On the Show:

–An analysis of President Trump’s first State of the Union address, wherein he touted his supposed domestic and foreign policy achievements and espoused divisive rhetoric under the guise of unity

–Hatriot Mail

–The David Pakman Show is only 18 Patreon contributors away from announcing the release of the critical thinking miniseries, but with the end of the month looming, donations are more urgent now than ever before

–The FBI is in possession of a second Trump-Russia dossier, written by Clinton-tied policial activist and former journalist Cody Shearer, and is assessing the document’s claims and pursuing its leads

–Caller seeks clarity on David’s progressive credentials

–Caller asks about Trey Gowdy’s retirement from Congress

–Caller wonders what the problem is with releasing “the memo”

–Caller inquires about Bitcoin spoofing

–Caller questions whether there are any progressive positions with which David disagrees

–Dell Gilliam, a woman who pretended to be Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Twitter, tricked WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange into direct messaging her his intention to send “some news” Hannity’s way about Senate Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Mark Warner (D-VA)

–The California State Senate approves a bill to impose net neutrality restrictions on internet service providers that want to operate in the Golden State, defying the FCC and its chairman Ajit Pai

–Voicemail is unintelligible nonsense

–On the Bonus Show: Bill Nye attends the State of the Union, Iranian women take off their headscarves in protest, the healthiest dairy-free milk is soy, and much more…

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