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January 3, 2023

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— On the Show:

— A discussion of the scam that is the movement of Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson, Liver King, and others

— Failed Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is in shambles as the actual winner, Katie Hobbs, becomes the Governor of Arizona

— Lying Republican Congressman-elect George Santos is now under criminal investigation in Brazil

— Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginny Thomas, now says she regrets her completely insane text messages with Mark Meadows about the 2020 election

— The list of possible 2024 Republican contenders is a scary list of extremism and ignorance

— A full list of Donald Trump’s foreign bank account is now available thanks to the release of his tax returns

— Donald Trump turns on his own supporters in a Truth Social post blaming Republican candidates who ran on a “no exceptions” abortion policy in 2022

— Donald Trump appears visibly confused and disheveled at his own New Year’s Eve event at Mar-a-Lago in Florida

— Voicemail caller blames David and COVID vaccines for the collapse of NFL player Damar Hamlin during a game

— On the Bonus Show: Kevin McCarthy commits to key concession in fight for speakership, bodies are piling up in China from COVID deaths, many state are raising their minimum wage in 2023, much more…

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