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January 29, 2018

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–On the Show:

–The first half of our interview with Johann Hari, former writer for The Independent and The Huffington Post, who joins David to discuss his new book “Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions”

–The New York Times reports that President Trump ordered the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller back in June but White House counsel Don McGahn refused to follow through with the demand

–On Thursday, Fox News host Sean Hannity refused to cover the story that Donald Trump ordered the firing of Robert Mueller, called into question the credibility of The New York Times, and then downplayed the account once “his sources” verified the Times’ report

–The David Pakman Show is only 57 Patreon contributors away from releasing the highly anticipated critical thinking miniseries

–Donald Trump refuses to go the United Kingdom unless British Prime Minister Theresa May can ensure him that his visit won’t be met with protesters

–Four weeks into 2018, there have been 4,146 shootings in the United States, including four mass shootings over the weekend, and 1,125 total gun deaths

–SCOTTeVEST founder and former CEO Scott Jordan said in a Facebook post that his former company “primarily advertise[s] on Fox because we find their viewership to be extremely gullible and much easier to sell [to]”

–A growing list of countries, including Italy, Germany, France, and Australia, will start to issue fines to parents who chose not to vaccinate their children

–Voicemail caller says people who live their lives on the internet are crazy

–On the Bonus Show: Israel and Poland discuss a Holocaust blame bill, parents make their children drink bleach to cure autism, fitness app Strava gives away US Army base locations, and much more…

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