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January 28, 2009

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman – January 28th, 2009

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Total Running Time: 56:06

This Week’s Topics:

–Kirsten Gillibrand is appointed by New York Governor David Paterson
as the US Senator from New York replacing Hillary Clinton, but some
say she’s more of a Republican than a Democrat.

–The controversy over Caroline Kennedy, why she wasn’t chosen as US
Senator from New York, and more.

–The Rod Blagojevich situation gets even more outrageous, with him
making all sorts of claims and statements on a number of television
programs, and citing Ghandi among numerous other obscure poems and
writings, and admits to having considered Oprah to replace Barack
Obama in the US Senate.

–Tim Geithner is confirmed as Treasury Secretary after having to
explain a lot about his unpaid taxes and plenty of scrutiny.

–Fox News invites Dick Morris, a former tax delinquent himself, to
criticize the nomination of Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary.

–One mans kills himself and his family as a result of stress and
depression from economic problems.

–Media outlets continue to advance the claims that Barack Obama’s tax
program would give tax refunds to people who already do not pay taxes.

–Follow up on closing Guantanamo Bay, where the detainees would go,
and a number of comments about the executive order, including from
John McCain and Vice-President Joe Biden.

–What is next in Iraq with Barack Obama as President? VP Joe Biden
says the tough part is only starting.

–Faulty hindsight on the Bush administration, including the
suggestion that Bush was extremely well liked by members of the military.

–Pope Benedict reaches out to anti-Semites by lifting an
excommunication on a well-known bishop that believes there were no gas
chambers use in the Holocaust, and that only about 250,000 Jews died.

–Much more

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