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January 26, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Burger King releases a three-minute ad where they set up a Whopper fast lane and slow lane to emphasize the need for protecting net neutrality

–Caller wonders if Democrats achieved anything with the government shutdown

–Caller questions whether the president can do anything to heal racial tensions and end discrimination

–Caller asks if universities are filled with liberal professors who indoctrinate students

–Caller talks about the Trump-Russia investigation and focuses on alleged financial crimes

–Caller discusses President Trump’s handling of the opioid epidemic

–Caller wonders if David has more influence as a news host or as an adjunct professor

–Caller talks about pro-gun liberals and magazine capacity regulations

–Caller weighs whether it’s worth it to engage in Facebook debates

–Audience Question: What’s hard to go back to the “cheap version” of after you’ve had the “nice version?”

–Audience Question: How would libertarianism address a problem like climate change?

–Audience Question: How would you deal with the problem of lobbying and lobbyists?

–On the Bonus Show: Trump initiates anti-abortion measures, the problem with solar geoengineering, Rupert Murdoch says Facebook should pay trusted news outlets, and much more…

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