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January 26, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Andrew Turner, veterans rights activist, plant-based health advocate, and former Guantanamo Bay prison guard, joins David to discuss his time working at GITMO and the healing effects of the plant kratom

–President Trump signs executive orders instituting anti-immigration measures and declares that the construction of a border wall along the US-Mexican border will begin immediately

–A new executive order is being drafted by the Trump administration entitled “Detention and Interrogation of Enemy Combatants” that would lift the ban on CIA overseas “black site” prisons used for torture

–Donald Trump is getting a lot of praise from right-wing media outlets over the Dow surpassing the 20,000 mark, ignoring the fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average more than doubled under Barack Obama

–Notable discussions from The David Pakman Show Reddit

–David is taking a lot of heat from progressive hosts and commentators over his interview with alt-right leader and white nationalist Richard Spencer

–David is featured in a video compiled by International Business Times on the topic of net neutrality, next to the likes of comedians like Stephen Colbert and John Oliver

–Trump administration insiders reveal to several media outlets that the President is obsessed with people questioning the legitimacy of his election and that he is constantly watching television rather than governing

–The Democrats who voted no on three out of four of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks deserve special praise, including Kristen Gillibrand (NY), Martin Heinrich (NM), and Tom Udall (NM)

–President Trump requests an investigation into voter fraud during the 2016 election “including those registered to vote in two states,” but it turns out Trump’s own daughter Tiffany and Senior White House Adviser Steve Bannon were part of the group

–On the Bonus Show: 1984 sales rise after “alternative facts” controversy, Alec Baldwin will get a whole SNL episode to make fun of Trump, Alex Jones says Infowars has been invited to White House press briefings and much more…

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