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January 23, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Andrew Bustamante, former covert CIA officer and founder of the Everyday Espionage training platforms, joins David to discuss the truth about espionage, clandestine skills useful in everyday life, and much more

–A blockbuster report from Buzzfeed News exposes the full scope of Donald Trump’s Moscow Trump Tower plan, which he, Rudy Giuliani, and others have been claiming contained no specific plan or serious negotiations, while in reality there was a letter of intent, architectural plans, and an offer to bribe Vladimir Putin with a free penthouse worth $50 million

–This week’s Hatriot Mail

–After Donald Trump’s haphazard Syria withdrawal announcement, mercenary CEO Erik Prince, who happens to be Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ brother, starts appearing in the news media to suggest that American military be replaced with paid mercenaries in Syria

–House Democrat Joe Neguse says it is “likely” that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will be investigated for perjury by the House Judiciary Committee, and Congressman Jerry Nadler was overheard on an Amtrak train saying impeachment of Kavanaugh is possible

–A new report alleges that Donald Trump once walked out of a policy meeting with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to go watch television in his private dining room at the White House and had to be wrangled by Vice President Mike Pence

–Voicemail caller asks whether the current government shutdown might ultimately lead to full DACA recipient amnesty via a path to citizenship

–On the Bonus Show: SCOTUS prepares to change gun laws, Tokyo subway offering free noodles, Super Bowl marijuana ad rejected, much more…

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