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January 2, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Despite claims to the contrary from the American right wing, domestic oil and natural gas production reach an all-time high under Joe Biden

— Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane appears on the Bill Maher podcast and absolutely crushes Maher’s anti-vaccine claims

— Anti-vaxxers crumble as every one of their predictions from 2023 failed to come true

— Despite claims about rampant crime in “Democrat cities,” Detroit records its smallest number of homicides in 57 years

— Failed former President Donald Trump prepares to claim fraud in 2024 in a deranged New Year’s Even post

— Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve party goes horribly wrong, leaving Trump visibly displeased and swaying side to side

— An absolutely terrified Donald Trump attacks former Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney with absurd and obvious lies

— Fox News starts officially talking about Trump being President from prison if he is sentenced in his criminal trials

— State Market Restaurant, a bar in Sanford, Florida, is found to be playing The David Pakman Show on their televisions

— Voicemail caller says that despite every economic indicator suggesting the opposite, the economy is “absolute trash” and “in the dumps”

— On the Bonus Show: Israel’s Supreme Court rejects right-wing changes, more states will offer larger child tax credits in 2024, Florida woman sues Hershey over Reese’s designs, much more…

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