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January 14, 2020

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–On the Show:

–David Roberts, energy writer for Vox, joins David to discuss the crisis of epistemology and critical thinking in the United States

–A smear of Bernie Sanders over allegedly sexist things he supposedly said to Elizabeth Warren goes viral on the eve of tonight’s Democratic presidential debate, and it stinks to high heaven

–The United Kingdom is publicly exploring stepping back from its alliance with the United States under Donald Trump after endless reckless behavior by the US President

–Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker (D-NJ) drops out of the 2020 Democratic presidential race as the front-runners are solidified just weeks before the first votes are counted

–A series of Donald Trump tweets, some misspelled, signal yet another day of outrageous behavior by the man in the Oval Office

–Is the era of college ending in the context of college costs, inequality, stagnant wages, smears of liberal indoctrination, and more jobs that do not require a college degree?

–Is today’s voicemail caller a furious Trumpist, or a furious anti-Trumpist?

–On the Bonus Show: Harvard law professor sues New York Times, conservative moms mad at Burger King, whether California cities will be punished for failing to fix homelessness, much more…

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