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January 13, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Refuting the tired argument that Medicare-for-All and other single payer healthcare systems are bad because they will “kill jobs,” and increasingly prominent talking point as such plans become more and more popular

–Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders takes a lead in a historically decisive poll, the Des Moines Register poll of Iowa voters less than one month before the Iowa caucus

–Corporate media panics over Bernie Sanders’ lead in the latest Des Moines Register poll of Iowa voters, with both MSNBC and CNN deceptively reporting on the poll’s results

–As Bernie Sanders’ polling continues to improve in key states, Donald Trump is clearly afraid and starts tweeting attacks about him

–A completely brainwashed 8-year-old is interviewed by an extremist Trumpist pastor at Donald Trump’s recent rally in Ohio, and we discuss how things have gotten this bad

–“Gun girl” troll Kaitlin Bennett’s on-campus trolling hilariously backfires when she talks to actual libertarians

–Iran admits, after denying it multiple times, that their missiles shot down a passenger plane, killing everyone on board

–Announcing the first annual David Pakman Show chess tournament, happening on Tuesday, February 21 at 8pm eastern time

–New voicemail character “hillbilly Trumpist” calls in

–On the Bonus Show: Judge Judy is supporting Michael Bloomberg, Trump admin rolls back Obama “joint employer” rule, retired Pope Benedict warns Pope Francis, much more…

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